Rayquaza Raids 101

Rayquaza Raids 101

Pokémon Go has released 20 new Pokémon from Generation III, and one of them is a replacement for the mighty Kyogre. Rayquaza, the flying-dragon type that appears in the series when Kyogre and Groudon fight, has finally appears in our beloved game. Rayquaza was added to Pokémon Go on February 10th. Like the other previous Legendary, Rayquaza will only show on level five raids at gyms. Some trainers say Rayquaza is the easiest Pokémon legendary to be defeated so far because of its pretty low stats and double-weakness to ice. For me, in my 4th day of Rayquaza raiding, I’ve successfully caught 2 out of 4 tries, which means that I’m still seeing a lot of chances on failures in wrapping up as many Rayquaza as I possibly can. Here is what I thought would be useful for every trainers to know in battling with this beast.

It takes at least 15 fellow trainers participating in a legendary raid battle to defeat Rayquaza. Before we assemble our best 6 line-up to take down Rayquaza, we should know which Pokémon that will help us in five-minute battle with Rayquaza at best. Rayquaza is a Dragon and Flying-type Pokémon, which means that it is weak against Ice-type, Dragon-type, Fairy-type, and Rock-type moves. The main thing is Ice-type Pokémon are crucial in this battle because they're four-times super effective against Rayquaza. Personally I’d like to have two or three Jynx in my squad to defeat Rayquaza because Jynx has double ice move-sets. Also we can have Articuno, Walrein or Lapras which have Double ice move-sets as well. If we don’t have enough Ice-Type Pokémon to take Rayquaza on, we can fill the gaps with those that target Rayquaza's other weaknesses, including Dragonite, Golem, Rhydon, Tyranitar, and Gardevoir. A Kyogre that has Blizzard will also be a wise option for this raid boss.

After we choose our best line up, it’s time to learn Rayquaza’s movements. Rayquaza has two fast attacks (Dragon Tail and Air Slash) and three charged attacks (Outrage, Ancient Power, and Aerial Ace). Rayquaza also has a monstrous attack power, but its defenses is much lower than Kyogre and Groudon. After knowing this, we are expected to know which Pokémon, that can resist its attacks and what will deal massive damages. Always choose and put your team in the wisest order possible.

After we defeated Rayquaza successfully, each participating trainer will be rewarded with individual in-game items. Trainers will then receive a certain number of Premiere balls for trying to catch a weaker version of the raid boss which depends on Individual Trainer Raid Battle Performance, Team-based Raid Battle Performance, Raid Gym location Gym Badge Level, Gym Control Team. We strongly recommend to always use Golden Razz Berries during the catching phase of this raid battle. A Golden Razz Berry has a 2.5x multiplier on catch rate, we’ll have a far greater chance of capturing a Pokemon with a Golden than a standard Razz Berry. This one Legendary Pokémon is a little bit of a headache to catch, but not as difficult to catch as Kyogre, fortunately. Rayquaza moves slightly up and down. Wait until it is on its lower state, aim higher when it is flown higher. Always target for its head as sometimes, I even miss quite often as my balls go through its slender serpent-like shape. Remember that every throw counts. Always throw after Rayquaza makes his attack on you, give it a second before its attacking phase end, and make the throw. Make sure we always use Golden Razz Berries and give a curveball toss which lands on the Pokémon which gives additional percentage points toward catch rates.

I believe that is what you should know on catching this one beast!

Good luck on your Rayquaza Raids!

Monica P.

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