Legendary Raid Service 10x

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Remember to turn off Two-Steps Verification for Gmail Account Login. CLICK HERE on how to do it for Gmail Users.

Minimum Account Level: 5

ETA: 296 Hours

This boosting service contains 10x Participation on Legendary Raids

This boosting service is also considered as Rare Candy Farming, Fast / Charge TM Farming, EX Raid Passes Farming, Golden Razz Berry Farming, Legendary Farming

- Please Remember to have enough Raid Passes / Premium Raid Passes or Enough Pokecoins to buy some to receive this boosting service. We can get a Free Raid Pass once for every 24 Hours.

- We will always try to catch the Legendary Boss for you. If we are lucky, you will get some of them. You therefore can choose if you want us to use your Golden Razz Berries for better catch rates on them or you choose to keep the berries instead above. 

- If we get an EX Raid Pass while you are on this boosting service, we will get the EX Raid Boss for you. Ex Raid is considered as one of the participation in the service.

- Please write down your Login Username and Password correctly to avoid wrong credentials given above.

- Please always remember not to log in and play with your submitted account while the boosting process is running, otherwise there will be delays.