Q: How will the boosting process take place on my account?

A: After your payment for your inquiries has been made, we will check the data that we have received, and if there would be no problem found, we will immediately start boosting your account. Please always remember to not log in and play using the account while our boosting process still runs, otherwise there will be delays or even worse, it may cause harm to your account. If you have more than 1 boosting service running at the same time, please total the ETA for every boosting services that you have on us. You will receive an email saying that your service has been fully completed after it is fully done.

Q: My account is banned and/or shadowbanned during the process of boosting?

A: As long as you do what we say, your account will be safe. This mostly happen to those who do not listen to our warning as they keep playing their accounts meanwhile the boosting service is still processed, or ordering more than 300.000 stardust or xp package in a week. And there are many more customers' action that is out of our control, like using third-party apps for IV Checking or Spoofing, thus we cannot be held responsible for this matter of concern.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept mostly credit cards issued by known providers and/or Paypal via Paypal Pro Payment Services. We only process our payments through Paypal, so your data will be secured in their database. No need to worry about this.

Q: I want to cancel my service and get my money back, what do I need to do?

A: We have a refund and cancellation policy that lasts 15 days ever since purchase has been made. Please refer to our Refund & Cancellation and Exchange Policy to read more about it.

Q: You tell us about Garbage Pokemon and Rare Pokemon in the random 100 IV and 2000+ CP boosting packs you offer, what are they?

Garbage Pokemon as we consider are:
Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Spearow, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Rattata, Spearow, Zubat, oddish, Psyduck, Poliwag, Bellsprout, Tentacool, Geodude, Slowpoke, Shellder, Drowzee, Krabby, Horsea, Goldeen, Staryu, Magikarp, Sentret, Hoothoot, Ledyba, Spinarak, Natu, Hoppip, Wooper, Murkrow, Snubbull, Slugma, Swinub, Remoraid.

Rare Pokemon as we consider are:
Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Vileplume, Arcanine, Poliwrath, Alakazam, Machamp, Golem, Gengar, Exeggutor, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Rhydon, Chansey, Gyarados, Lapras, Ditto, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Porygon, Aerodactyl, Snorlax, Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Togetic, Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos, Espeon, Umbreon, Unown, Heracross, Corsola, Phanpy, Donphan, Miltank, Blissey, Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar.

Otherwise mentioned are considered as Common and/or Uncommon Pokemon.

Q: How do you determine that they are Garbage or Rare?


We divide them based on the spawn rate and their unique individual quality on each species.

Garbage Pokemon are the most common you can find almost everywhere in the world you won't bother having, meanwhile the rare ones are considered as either its spawn rate all over the world are the lowest ones as they are most likely being obtainable only with methods such as third level evolving, or they have the potential to have the highest quality in gym battles - such as Dratini, Mareep, & Larvitar evolution line that you can raise them up to be the best gym wreckers or defenders out in the field.

Q: I have ordered a Shiny Pokemon and/or 100 IV Specific Pokemon and it has been way too long over the ETA that has been stated. What happened? Will I get a compensation?


First, we say sorry for the inconvenience. Getting a Shiny Pokemon and a specific 100 IV Pokemon are the hardest tasks for the service.

Our boosters would always boost your account looking for a spesific Shiny Pokemon as ordered, unfortunately the Shiny has never shown up for your account. The same case would likely to be appeared with 100 IV specific orders.

We have done so many customers' accounts that have got their Shiny in like the 20th catch of the Pokemon by the first day of boosting, and we have also found so many accounts that hasn't even got to face the Shiny by the 7th day of running and probably have caught like 700 of the target Pokemon.

If this thing might happen to you, write to support@alrightpogo.com with your Order ID and details provided, and we will offer you to have an exchange for it, other boosting services up to the rate of what you have paid + 35$, in total as your compensation. You are free to choose how many and any boosting services available up to the amount we have stated. This compensation are both applied to Shiny and 100 IV specific Pokemon order. We will then start boosting your account after counting the ETA for your compensation inquiries and things have decided and settled well.

Q: I want to know the status progression of my boosted account. What should I do?

A: You can always write to support@alrightpogo.com to ask about your accounts' status progression. Please provide your Order Number or ID and accounts' credentials as you have given us. We will write you back in 1x24 hours. Messages without Order ID applied will not be processed.

Q: I have ordered 100.000 Stardust and ended up having 120.000 Stardust?
It's always good to have more, but is that okay?

A: Our customers' satisfaction is always our top priority, sometimes we might give more than we could have offered. Write us a good feedback on our the site or Social Media might be the best way to exchange gratitude, it will help us a lot. Thank you. :)