Dinosaurs DNA Pack - Platinum

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You will need to have your Jurassic World Alive Account linked to your Facebook Account and you also have to turn off Two Factor Authentication and Login Approvals for FACEBOOK Account Login before placing Jurassic World Alive Boosting Services. CLICK HERE and read about it on how to enable/disable it.

ETA: 120 Hours

This boosting service contains:

  • 2200x Random Common Dinosaur DNA
  • 1100x Random Rare Dinosaur DNA
  • 500x Random Epic Dinosaur DNA
  • Full Darts at the Order Completion
  • Details of DNA Gathered at Boosting Completion Email

- Please write down your Facebook Login Username and Password correctly to avoid wrong credentials given above.

- Your account will be automatically signed-out of the game when our Booster is on their process of boosting.

- You will receive various kind of Dinosaurs DNA up to the amount promised above or more. For example, 100x Random Epic Dinosaur DNA will mean, 39x Tyrannosaurus DNA, 28x Erlikosaurus DNA, 25x Ouranosaurus DNA, 19x Concavenator DNA (Total of 111 Epic Dinosaur DNA). These details will be listed on the order completion email you will receive when the boosting process is finished.

- We will not engage on any Daily Event Dinosaurs from the Green Supply Drops Spawns for the DNA we are going to gather for you.

- We will not use any of your in-game currency (Gold and Cash). All that we collect during the boosting process will be yours to have as an obvious extra part of the service.

- Please always remember not to log in and play with your submitted account while the boosting process is running, otherwise our Dino-Boosters will immediately logged out from your Jurassic World Alive account and mig.